About Onfolio

We started OnFolio out of a response to a need. There was a problem that we could solve.

Dom, our founder, was already well-known in the affiliate marketing space from his work on his previous business Human Proof Designs, and Onfolio arose from investors asking him to help them buy websites.

With that, OnFolio.co was born.

The problem we solve? We help you invest in websites to achieve better than average returns, while being exposed to below average risk. 

The reason most people struggle to break ground with website investing is not a lack of funds, but a lack of sufficient expertise, and an inability to diversify without giving up profits.

When you focus on just one website, you need to make absolutely sure you’re buying quality. If you go the other way and buy multiple smaller websites, you give up profits to increasing operations costs and complexity.

With Onfolio, these are no longer problems. We can identify what websites are among the safest, yet still have growth opportunities. We can also help you diversify without losing out on profits. Operations isn’t an issue, as we are already the team you need.

For a % of profits, we’ll take care of everything.

It’s a win for you, and a win for us.

Dom Wells

Dom has been building, buying, and operating profitable websites since 2012. He’s an industry thought-leader, international speaker, and owns a 7 figure content site portfolio. Additionally, he has strong skills in operations and building systems.

Yury Byalik
SEO Director

Yury is a digital marketer with a focus on SEO. He has over 15 years experience working across many website types, industries, and verticals. He has helped companies increase revenue by multiple 7 and 8 figures through SEO.


Esbe Van Heeren

Esbe is an entrepreneur, problem solver, scientist & unshakable yeasayer dedicated to helping you grow your investments. She loves systems, efficiency, and finishing things —even building herself right out of her role at her previous company.

Hannah Levi
Social Media Director

Hannah has been working in the Internet Marketing field since 2011. She loves technical projects and creativity – a great combination for Social Media success. Being a special needs foster Mom to special needs kids and having 5 kids of her own, has taught her patience, organization skills and stamina. She knows how not to sweat the small stuff and to handle any project with confidence and determination.

JR Malapitan
Front End Web Dev

JR has been into creating websites for over 5 years. His love for creating something from scratch and troubleshooting has resulted into building numerous awesome and functional sites.

Kevin Sy
Front End Web Dev

Kevin is a programmer who enjoys video games and traveling. Originally beginning his career as a total WordPress theme aficionado. Kevin’s focus is now on all things HTML & CSS and his newfound love for Javascipt.


We have been living and breathing affiliate marketing since 2012, which gives us many years of experience and several decades’ worth when combines.

Our Founder, Dom Wells, has been featured on Entrepreneur.com (twice), as an online Entrepreneur worth following. You can read the post here. 

He is also an international speaker, having spoken at the exclusive DCBKK and BabyBathWater Island retreats, and will speak at the upcoming CMSEO conference in late 2020, to name a few.

In addition, the team have been featured multiple times on the following industry relevant websites:

Mixergy and Onfolio