Onfolio Fund

Onfolio Fund focuses on a diverse portfolio of content websites. Targeting the sweet spot where websites are established and stable, but still have upside, we identify, acquire, and optimize for growth. The portfolio is balanced to solve the biggest problems with investing in content websites; risk and operational scale. 

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What's included

Fund Strategy

Step One

Identify Target

We have exclusive deal flow and eyes on all the marketplaces. We target websites with a stable track record, yet with sufficient upside.

Step two

Grow The Website

Whether through deployment of additional resources, or exploiting unrealized potential, our team work to grow the newly acquired asset.

step Three

Redeploy Cashflow

The acquired sites will produce high amounts of cash flow. We’ll use this to further grow the sites, acquire new sites, and build additional sites.

Step four

Rinse & Repeat

Throughout the life of the fund, we will continuously deploy cash flow to grow the size of the portfolio and the individual portfolio websites.

Step Five

Strategically Exit

In the final year of the fund, we will strategically exit the portfolio and distribute profits among fund partners.

Top rated by our clients and peers

Onfolio is the leading Website Purchase & Management Company

We are investors first, and marketers second. This sets us up to understand how to be an investor in this space. We’ve been building, buying, and selling content businesses since 2012, with millions of dollars in deal flow and assets under management.

The biggest problems investors in this space face are: Knowing how to identify a good vs a bad website, knowing how to perform due diligence on the asset, and then knowing how to operate it post-sale. We take care of all of this for you. 

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