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Good things come to those who wait. This product targets slow and steady growth, leading to the highest overall ROI. We build several sites from the beginning, investing heavily in growth and marketing of those sites. This leads to a large payday after 24-30 months when the sites are sold.

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Step One

Niche Identification

We select several niches to build sites around. The focus is on niches that have large payouts – not just simple Amazon affiliate sites. These are niches that may take a year or longer to crack, but are well worth the wait.

Step Two

Build The Websites

We’ve built and operates dozens of successful affiliate sites; we know the best practices for building from the ground up. We spend several weeks laying the foundations. In some cases we’ll buy a small site and build on top of that.

Step Three

Content Blitz

In the early days, the website just needs to focus on creating best-in-class content. We find subject matter experts, brief them on our content requirements and calendar, and get right down to business publishing dozens of articles.

Step Four


Once there is sufficient quality content on the site, the marketing begins. SEO, Social Media, Email, Outreach and in some cases Paid media. This is the real rocketfuel stage.

final Step

For maximum Value

1 to 2 years later, the sites will be averaging enough monthly profit to create a valuation far exceeding the amount we initially invested. At this point, we exit the sites for a significant profit.

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We are investors first, and marketers second. This sets us up to understand how to be an investor in this space. We’ve been building, buying, and selling content businesses since 2012, with millions of dollars in deal flow and assets under management.

The biggest problems investors in this space face are: Knowing how to identify a good vs a bad website, knowing how to perform due diligence on the asset, and then knowing how to operate it post-sale. We take care of all of this for you. 


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