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Spread your risk. Instead of putting all your money into one website, spread it among multiple by participating in our groupbuys. As well as being more diverse, you’ll own part of a much larger, and better website. It’s the best of many worlds.

What's included

What you get with this Service


Group with investors

We have a large pool of investors interested in Joint Ventures and Groupbuys. Every month we organize a group website purchase.

Then we'll

Take Care Of Legals

Joint ventures can be complicated, which is why we organize everything from LLC formation to legal paperwork.

We'll Find A Website

And Do All The Work

We’ll handle finding the website, negotiating, purchasing, and onboarding it to the possession of the LLC you’ve joined.

NExt We'll

Maintain & Grow

The first thing we do is make sure the site is set up to maintain its momentum and hold value. Next, we’ll work on growing it where possible.

Then Time our exit

For maximum Value

We generally have a strategy of holding for a couple of years, or until the site has doubled its value; at that point we’ll sell the site and share the rewards.

Top rated by our clients and peers

Onfolio is the leading Website Purchase & Management Company

We are investors first, and marketers second. This sets us up to understand how to be an investor in this space. We’ve been building, buying, and selling content businesses since 2012, with millions of dollars in deal flow and assets under management.

The biggest problems investors in this space face are: Knowing how to identify a good vs a bad website, knowing how to perform due diligence on the asset, and then knowing how to operate it post-sale. We take care of all of this for you. 


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