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Website Buying & Running

This is our core service, and the reason OnFolio exists. We have years of experience, and a proven track record to go with it. In exchange for a percentage of the site’s revenue, we’ll handle everything, from sourcing a site, negotiating with the seller, transferring it to your control, and then we’ll take over the day to day operations, and focus on growth.

Website Buying Assistance

For those who want to be more active in running their site, we can act as consultants. We’ll help you find a website, vet it for you, assist with negotiations and then migrating the site to your control, and can provide ongoing consultation for growing the site.

Group Purchasing

This is similar to the buy and run service, except we help you group with other investors to buy a fraction of a site. This lets you spread your money over multiple deals, and also own pieces of much larger, and better businesses.

Group Building

Much like the group buy option, except this time we pool money to build sites from scratch.

This takes longer to see results, but the overall ROI is significantly higher.

Portfolio Creation & Management

For private groups, individuals or institutions that want to deploy larger sums, while remaining diversified. 

We’ll help you formulate the best way to spread your funds to maximize gains and minimize risks, and will then run your portfolio.

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