The Onfolio Partnership Program

How we give our site partners up to 4x growth in a year with no effort required from their side.

Many website owners reach a point where they can’t grow their site beyond its current level.

The dreaded plateau…

Your site experiences tremendous month on month growth, and then suddenly it doesn’t.

This could be for a few reasons…

Maybe you’ve got no time to put in the extra work necessary. Maybe you don’t have the resources… or maybe you just don’t know what’s required to grow it.

It’s natural that as we reach new heights with our sites, we reach the maximum potential of our competency.

In other words, we just haven’t learned the skills yet to take a site beyond a few grand per month.

We feel your pain, and we’ve got a solution, based on our own experiences over the past year.

It turns out that for most site owners, the ceiling they hit is artificial, and with the right help, they can smash through it.

After acquiring and flipping multiple sites and privately partnering with some of our audience and customers, obtaining very healthy gains in the process, we’ve decided to bring our partnership program public now that we have the systems, team, and processes clearly laid out.


How It Works

When you partner with OnFolio, we take care of managing and running your site; deploying a complete on-page strategysite speed optimization, adding content and building links to your site. 

We will also take care of diversifying the revenue and traffic sources by hooking you up with private networks we’ve got access to as well as deploying a fully fledged social media strategy.

For example, take your $1,000 a month, 100% affiliate, 100% organic traffic site as a circumstance. 

Then with our partnership program, we roll our optimizations and strategies in and fast forward a bit.

Now it’s a $4,000 a month site with 3 revenue sources and organic traffic is less than 50% of the total. 

We start rolling in conversion rate optimization tests for more month over month gains.


Google algorithm update? 

Zzzz, boring! We don’t care, when organic is only a portion of the traffic.

Sale multiple?

From the typical 25x to a much sweeter 32x+ now that the income and traffic are diversified.


Your work?



The catch?

Yes, there’s one.

Who Is This Program For?

  • Site owners who feel that they have reached a ceiling.
  • Investors who buy already earning sites and do not wish to work a single hour on their websites.
  • ANY type of website and business model (AdSense, Affiliate, Subscription, Local, CPA, Info Product, Dropshipping… we’ve done them all, we know what works)

What OnFolio Brings To The Table

A Team of Professionals

With over decades of combined experience in the affiliate marketing industry ready to do all the heavy lifting for you.


Whether you want to grow the site the grey or the white hat way, we’ve got the connections and network.

We’ll hook you up with private, hard-to-access networks that will provide additional revenue streams.

We also have access to some of the best paying affiliate, display ads, and sponsored content networks there are.

Also, we grow our partnered sites in the safest way possible.

Natural link acquisition, content growth, and natural social media strategies.

We don’t want to risk jeopardizing existing earnings and rankings.

Finally, because we have a large amount of sites in our portfolio, we get access to freelancers, agencies, and tools for a cheaper rate. The benefits of the economies of scale.

This means that in many cases, the % of revenue that you give up is almost immediately replaced by the reduced expenses we can bring. It’s a win-win.

Out-Of-The-Box Strategies

Everyone knows about publishing content and building links.

We incorporate alternative traffic sources that combine with other more lucrative revenue sources for a holistic, more solid business strategy.

Our Results

Proof we know our stuff 😉

Site A:

Lifestyle blog doing $300 avg on Amazon affiliate income and $150 avg with display ads.

Two pages were getting 60% of the traffic and one was seasonal.

Even with that seasonal page at its peak, the site was losing traffic, positions, and revenue.

We acquired the site and started working on it about 2 months after that (green arrow), fixed a lot of existing compliance issues that could’ve got the site banned on Amazon, added content, fixed onsite issues (hundreds of thin content pages) and hooked it up with some of our private networks & programs.

We doubled Amazon revenue and ad revenue:

And hooked it into a private guest post service that brings $200-400 extra a month.

So in about 8 months, we’ve 3x’d the site and we’re in for an exit that’ll give a 300%+ ROI.

Site B:

Nutrition blog doing $1,000 flat on Amazon+Clickbank.

We partner in June and in July the site did $1,300 in Affiliate commissions and another $80 a day on display ads (screenshot is only 20 days)

Traffic is also at an all time high and did we say on-page improvements?

Wait what, you added ads AND improved time on site AND lowered bounce to 55%? Aw yeah.

Site C:

Home improvement blog doing $250 average on Adsense and $150 on Amazon. This is a 15 year old site that’s been cruising at that low revenue range for AGES, unable to break through.

Versus 2018 so far…

Ready to pass last year’s revenue in August and crush it during the next 4 months. Then we do some more of our magic…

And the site is now clearing $900 a month when we add a couple other minor affiliate programs and a CPA program.


Remember that catch from earlier?

Well… We only have so many resources and we’d rather serve our existing partnerships better than taking a new one on board and do mediocre work.

We do not have set-in-stone requirements, as we evaluate every site submitted individually to plan and propose a strategy and agreement that will make both of us win big.

If we can’t, we won’t partner. That’s only fair for both parties.

However, we are ideally looking for sites that are:

  • Getting significant traffic (100,000+ uniques a month)
  • Already making a baseline revenue of $3,000, or more, for the last 3 months

Partnership Structure

We believe in two things:

1) Making the structure as simple as possible

2) Making sure the site owner and OnFolio have aligned incentives.

Therefore, we have designed a deal structure where OnFolio takes a $750/mo management fee, plus 50% of anything we can grow above the site’s current level. Note: For bigger sites or more complex sites, the fee will be higher.

For example, if your site is making $2,000 per month, and we grew it to $5,000 per month, it would look like this:

Our fee: $750

Site’s profit: $4,250 ($5,000 minus our $750 fee)

Original level: $2,000

Profit above original level: $2,250

Our 50%: $1,125 

Your take: $3,125

So in this case, you’d no longer have to be involved with the site (unless you wanted to), and we’d have grown your profit by more than 50%.

Another thing to consider: We actually can get access to content, links, and VA’s for around half of the price most other people can get access to them. This is partly because we have our own team, and partly because we benefit from the economic of a scale system. So even though you’re paying a management fee to us, you’re also having your expenses reduced at the same time.

Please note though, that in some situations we may suggest a different deal structure, depending on your goals and the site’s situation.

To apply, please fill out the application below.

Submit Your Application

  • We agree not to ever disclose your URL or niche(s). This is for us to conduct due diligence only.
  • i.e. $1,500: $1,000 Amazon, $300 Clickbank, $200 pay per lead
  • i.e. SEO (Organic) Pinterest, FB groups, Referral...
  • Nothing wrong with this, but we need to know to assess viability/risk