We are always on the lookout for talented future team members

Whether we are actively hiring or not, get in touch if you’d like the opportunity to join the rapidly growing Onfolio team. We are typically interested in people with expertise operating Internet businesses, whether that’s a “mini CEO”, an SEO expert, or someone with more specific skills.

Got Questions?

Why work for Onfolio?

You should work for us because you like what we do, and want to be part of it. You want to add value. We’ll add value to your life in return.

What Roles Are You Hiring For?

It depends. Sometimes we need extra operators for our growing portfolio, sometimes we need junior SEOs or monetization specialists. Sometimes we need something specific like a link builder. Sometimes we want to open up a new department, like paid traffic or physical products. Whenever we need someone, we’ll look into our network of people who have mentioned they’re keen to work with us, and we’ll get in touch. Sometimes this happens quicker than you’d realize.

Can I Work From Home?

Yes, most of our team are remote and scattered across the globe. This isn’t typically a company for someone who just wants to work a few hours a day though. We work hard when we work, we just choose where and when that is.

What's The Compensation Like?

We’re a startup, but we want to offer competitive compensation packages. It’s hard to answer in this particular FAQ as it will vary based on the role and your skillset.

What Else Should I Know?

While we’re all remote, this isn’t a lonely position. We talk everyday in Slack and on Zoom when needed. When the current pandemic ends, we’ll get together in person for team retreats too. There’s a chance for you to come work with us in person in Taipei, Taiwan as well.

How Should I Apply?

Fill out the form below. Be as detailed as you can when filling out the “About me” and “About your skills” section. Let us know who you are, why you want to work for Onfolio, what your expertise is, and where you think you can add value to us as a company. We’ll be in touch if we like what we see.